Apa wani dah buat nih??


currently i am very2 SAD..

seriously, i am worrying of something that really DISTRACT me..


i did something which is not intended or even appropriate at all this morning..

Oh God!

everything has gone WRONG!

i'm asking or praying for God's favour for His BLESSEDNESS..

** tak bermaksud nak buat sesiapa jua marah..
** tak bermaksud nak sakitkan hati sesiapa..
** tak bermaksud nak buat apa2 yang salah..
** tak juga bermaksud nak buat sesiapa terasa..

i'm AFRAID now..

i am so very SORRY for everything that i've done..

i'm hoping for your FORGIVENESS..

I didn't mean it..


Fyzal said...

the feel of guilty means you are a good person.. so be cool.. everything gonna be fine.

Fyzals Territory

syafawani said...

hurmm..tq..hopefully everything will just be fine right..
do pray 4 me ya!:)

anaklaut said...


moga sabar.....

syafawani said...

thanks..insyaallah..dakan selalu yerr:)

kOkO cokeLaT said...

uishhh awat tu wani?
cam serious ja ni?
sabaq sabaq..

syafawani said...

weit koko..agak serius la..huuuu..sob3..tlgggg la koko!!

dafFodiLs (",) said...

uit pe cer ni sis?
story morry sket kt i..
dun worry, everything gonna b fine dear =)

syafawani said...

wani:miss daff
alaaaa uuu...
nk ceta..
nnt i story mori taww..make sure u dengar n doakan i tawwww..

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