erm..lately asik bz jek..
sumenye cam messy..bilik+fikiran+assignments+EVERYTHING
sob sob..

i need sumone rite now..
2 be my shoulder 2 cry on..
2 oways be by my side..
2 cheer me up..
2 help me deal with all my problems..

neway thanks 2 my forever friends..OSHINZ (bj ijau..da ala2 incredible hulk..ganas tu..huhu)+DAFF (kuning..rock ala2 gaya anggun..hua3)+YANI (kanan mayu2 je..huhu)..

they oways be by my side..(ehh kite byk assignment..dowg mesti la ada ngan wani..every nite bkumpol..huhu..erm lwk jep..dah2..siyesss..!)

"I know that hardest thing to do is 2 say goodbye to all of u.."

"People walk in and out of your life; friends leave footprints on your heart!"

"Friends are like chocolate, you can't have just one!"

"When I cry
You r there for me
When I'm lost or depressed
You r there to cheer me up
I ask you why and you say,
Because. That's what a best friend does.."

"Somewhere there's someone, who dreams about your smile, and finds in your presence,
that life is worth while, so when you are lonely, remember it's true, somebody somewhere
is thinking of you"

ermm nk sedapkan ati je kot kena pk positif camni kn..:-/

mm are they just the one??
is there anyone else??
em can i have u??


dafFodiLs (",) said...

emm mao nangis together2 la waawawaaa =(

syafawani said...

hee..moh2 cepat:(

a.b geldofg said...


[z@ck] said...

student+assignment= weng weng..


coz of asgnment..student ley jd gilok

syafawani said...

btol3 kan zack..em tyme ni pon menangis tiada gunanya..hikhik

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