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Starting cam besh je..padahal..huhu

im done with my project paper..
It is not fully done..that makes me feel rather sad..huhu..what a pity on me ya..

Actually, Im here to reflect on what had happened to miss DaffoDils..

p/s: Miss Daff
kena kuat k..nnt i kasik spinach..ley jadik popeye..hee..(just kidding ya)

Mm sume owg xjangka pon apa akan jd kat kita in da future rite..

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Each n everyone of us wants the best in our life rite..


N i want all of u 2 noe this:

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Wishes: Im hoping 4 a bete life s well s a happy+serious life with someone who loves me as i am..++ im also hoping for my frens' happiness:)

ok la..smpai c-ni dollu keh..nk layan prasaan jap..ehe:)

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